An App Designed to Improve Your Restaurant

Improvements in technology are continuously creating new and exciting ways for businesses to engage with their customers, and in the dining industry, this is proving more prevalent than ever. At Global Source Group, in Hackney, London, we have developed an innovative restaurant and food ordering app called SmartServe. With SmartServe, your guests can order food at the press of a button, your staff can communicate efficiently, and you can keep control of your entire restaurant.

Give Guests Full Control of Their Dining Experience

Your waiting customers can simply open the SmartServe app and instantly have full access to your menu. Through the app you can recommend special drinks, desserts, or special meals to increase table revenue. There is no need for guests to wait for the waiter to take orders or bring you the bill. The SmartServe app gives guests full control of their own dining experience.

Smart Communication between Your Staff

Using the app, your guests can place their orders directly to the kitchen, and also call the waiter if they need anything else. The waiters are notified through a soft vibration on their watches. The SmartServe watches are accompanied with a uniquely designed, high-end-technology earpiece. This allows waiters to communicate effectively, clearly, and discreetly with other waiters, kitchen staff, or security regardless of where they are in the building.

Increase Your Business

Repeat customers account for more than 30% of your restaurant’s revenue, and if your business improves repeat visits by just 5%, you have the potential to increase profits by between 25% and 125%. SmartServe can help your business do exactly that.

How it Works

The SmartServe App

  • Guests download our SmartServe app on their smart phones.
  • They then either scan the QR code on the table or enter the name of the restaurant and their table number manually.
  • The app will then provide instant access to the restaurant’s full menu, where your guests can order their meals directly to the kitchen, call the waiter as and when required, pay for their bill, and leave instant feedback.
  • Alternatively, using the app, your customers can also place an order for collection or home delivery.

The SmartServe Watch

  • All your staff members can now communicate like never before through the SmartServe watch. The watch can also synchronise with the iOS and Android app and our kitchen tablet.
  • Your waiters can receive direct messages from your customers who require a service.
  • Your waiters can receive direct messages from your kitchen when the food order is ready.
  • Your waiters can now instantly and discreetly communicate with each other with our unique, in-built talking technology.
  • When your customers pay, all watches and connected devices receive notification of that payment to avoid any confusion.

The SmartServe Kitchen Tablet

  • Your kitchen/bar tablet receives orders directly from your guests, so there is no need to wait for the waiter to tell you what your next order will be.
  • The tablet synchronises to the SmartServe watch and SmartServe app so your chef can instantly connect with your waiters to inform them when the food order is ready.
  • The SmartServe tablet keeps SmartTrack of all the food orders in an organised and simple manner so you can access these records anytime, anywhere.
  • The tablet incorporates a fully integrated system with touchscreen display to manage food orders.

Worldwide Locations

To assist as many of our clients as possible, we have offices in various cities around the world. This includes workplaces in:

  • London, United Kingdom
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • New York, USA
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Kiev, Ukraine
  • Beirut, Lebanon

To purchase one of the SmartServe services, please visit our online store.

Contact us now, in Hackney London, for further information about our restaurant and food ordering app.