How SmartServe Helps Restaurants

Using the SmartServe technology, we can increase your profits by slim-lining the serving process, allowing a much faster table turn-up time, and enabling you to serve more customers per night than any other restaurant. With the app, the managing user is able to see how much money has been taken each evening. This also means a third-party user, such as an owner, can also overview their restaurant while in the comfort of their own home or from anywhere in the world.

Enabling Effective Communication

Through the SmartServe app, guests are able to order food directly from the table without the need for a waiter. Additionally, they can mention any specific dietary requirements they have, ensuring that the chef is aware of the issue and can tailor the order as necessary. Each table will be provided with a bar code that the customer scans to identify which table they are seated at. The kitchen tablet will then identify the table, allowing the chef to deal directly with the correct waiter using the earpiece provided with the tablet. This means that the waiter can receive estimated times for food and drink orders.

A Connected System

The SmartServe app will communicate with each watch and tablet in the restaurant. Designated users can be listed on the app, allowing a manager to overview the entire restaurant by pressing just a few buttons. This will free up their time and enable them to manage staff more effectively. In turn, this reduces table turnover time and will help to identify any problem areas.

Encouraging Increased Feedback

Most businesses, especially restaurants, find it difficult to get feedback from guests. The SmartServe app encourages users to give instant feedback over their phone by sending a notification upon leaving the restaurant requesting a review. The feedback will be sent directly to the store manager into a specific folder that can be viewed at any time. These accurate customer responses mean you can identify and improve upon areas that worry your guests.

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