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Launching in August 2017
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SmartServe Technology

Using our innovative SmartServe technology, we have created a unique restaurant and food ordering app. Alongside the app, Global Source Group has produced SmartServe watches and tablets, both of which have been developed to improve the efficiency of your restaurant.

Helping Restaurants

Boosting Your Restaurant

The SmartServe technology is designed to offer a range of benefits for both you and your guests. Every good business knows that customer satisfaction is crucial, and by giving your guests control of their dining experience, SmartServe provides a welcome boost for your restaurant.

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About Us

Improve the service at your restaurant and give your customers a new and exciting dining experience with our SmartServe technology. At Global Source Group, London, we have developed an innovative restaurant app that allows your guests to order their food and drinks without having to call over a waiter. Additionally, through our other restaurant technologies, the SmartServe watch and kitchen tablet, your staff can stay in constant communication and slimline your serving process. Our team used more than five years of experience to develop our SmartServe range, ensuring that it was easy to manage and allowed restaurants to increase their profits. Global Source Group is proud to have been nominated for the 2017 Restaurant Technology Innovation Award.